Yana Vereshchaga


I am a co-founder of a deep tech company that offers soft sensor technology for smart wearables in healthcare and sports.  I was always passionate about dance, biomechanics, and injury-free movement techniques. At some point, a fusion of my scientific career with a serious hobby brought me to found a company with fantastic open-minded people that aimed to make a meaningful product and enable people to keep mobility despite age, disease, or accident. I believe the digitization of movement, diet, etc ergonomical way enhances humans in general and makes us healthier. 

That is why sendance helps to create a new generation of smart wearables which are placed and adopted individually on body parts like the spine, knees, ears, neck, etc. 

These smart wearables are more than just gadgets; they are the cornerstone of preventive healthcare, the enabler of healthy aging, and a means to extend the professional careers of athletes and enhance their performance.